Short bio: Shelli Pruett is a free lance illustrator and cartoonist. Her cartoons have been published in many newspapers and magazines internationally, including the Wall Street Journal and Funny Times Magazine. Her work can also be viewed at She graduated from New College, Sarasota, with a degree in Fine Arts. She is currently a copywriter, cartoonist, and communications director at a successful marketing company  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and four dogs.


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               About Shelli Pruett - What makes a Cartoonist Tick?


    Shelli Pruett has been a cartoonist for most of her life. She started cartooning at about age 11, with her sister and next door neighbor Patty. They made reams of  Nancy-Drew-style action comics. From then on, the quirks and epiphanies of her life have been recorded as cartoons. 
   What makes this cartoonist tick? For Shelli, her cartoon world is another dimension, where what is imaginary can become real, and where life need not be serious or dreary. Where things don't always have to "fit" or "be right".  Shelli often hears from others about their ideas for cartoons, and feels that there is an "Inner Cartoonist" in all of us. Ideas for cartoons come to her when drifting off to sleep or waking up, or having a flash of insight from something experienced in life. 

     Shelli attended New College in Sarasota, FL. and attained a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. She then when on to work for years for a private non-profit educational school. She is currently a Communications Director at a successful marketing company and also does copywriting and cartoons for their publication. 

    Her work has been published in many venues, including the Wall Street Journal and it is regularly featured in the Funny Times magazine. Some of the other venues that have published her work are listed below. 

    The domain (Quantun Leap Cartoons) is also a part of Cartoons By Shelli. 

     She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband and family and four dogs, who provide ample material for dog humor. 

      Please also feel free to follow her Blog and Facebook Page which you can access by clicking on the icons at the top right of the page. 

       Her cartoons have also been featured in:

  • The Wall Street Journal                                         Funny Times Magazine 
  •  Texas Dogs and Cats Magazine                           Desert Star Weekly (CA)
  • Young at Heart Magazine  (FLA)                            Mountain Views News Newspaper (CA) 
  •  Kenebec Journal Newspaper (ME)                         Burns Times-Herald Newspaper (OR)
  • Morning Sentinel Newspaper (ME)                         Coast to Coast AM Website
  • ViewsHound Website   (UK)                                   Fifty + The Second Half Magazine
  • Today’s Trader Magazine                                     Coastal Bend Legal News Newspaper
  • Weatherford Daily News (OK)                                Delta Wind News (AK)
  • Salem-News   (OR)                                                Mission Valley News (CA)
  • Alameda Sun (CA)                                                  The Bowie News (TX)
  • Footprints Magazine (Australia)                             The Acorn News (CA)
  • Camarillo Acorn News (CA)                                    Moorpark Acorn News (CA)
  • Simi Valley Acorn News  (CA)                                 Thousand Oaks Acorn News (CA)   
  • The Yaquina Wavelength (OR)                                 American Glass Factory Directory
                                                                                of N. America

  • Emotional Medicine RX                                            The Foothills Paper (CA)
  • Mad River Union News (CA)                                     The Collegian (Los Angeles)
  • Laguna Beach Independent (CA)                              Waitsburg Times
  • Seattle Star News                                                    Flatrock (NZ)
  • Van Nuys News Press (CA) ​                                     Local Marketing, LLC Newsletter​
  • Desert Star Weekly (CA)                                          The Mindful Word Website
  • ​ site                                                      Law U Attraction